The first strawberry plant was planted on Scones Lethendy Farm in 1977 and they tasted so good that we planted more and more! We decided to share these beautiful Scottish strawberries with the people of Perthshire and began selling punnets at the side of the road from a quirky converted portakabin. Over 40 years later and not only are we still selling our strawberries by the roadside, but we’ve expanded into a summer treasure chest of the most exciting Scottish produce on offer!

Our mission is to source all things Scottish wherever we can; and with the plentiful natural larder of Perthshire on our doorstep, we’re spoilt for choice. We gladly support local growers and producers and promote seasonality at all times – so you won’t find Brussels sprouts on sale in June! Being a family of foodies, everything in the shop has been tried and tested nothing makes it to the shelves unless we think it’s simply delicious.

So what do we offer? Well we have a colourful display of seasonal berries and soft fruits that have come fresh off the field; including a stunning selection of Scottish strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants and even gooseberries (the season’s only 2 weeks for these, so get them fast). We also sell cheaper second class ‘ugly’ fruits (which taste just as delicious, but look a bit peculiar!) as well as freezer fruit packs for smoothies or jam making.

We also sell a range of delicious homemade jams, and with all this fruit around it seemed silly not to! We’ve got all the classic flavours but we also love to mix it up, try new combinations and continuously experiment; strazzberrry anyone?

One of our local friends also happens to be an expert baker, and she works very hard to keep up with the high demand for her cakes and biscuits! You can indulge yourself with white chocolate& raspberry scones or the classic fruit scones, gluten-free nutella and rolo brownies, custard creams (to die for!) or a selection of pastries, just to name a few.

We also stock plenty of local farmers’ market products. Every weekend we pack up a van full of berries and homemade shop produce to trade at the Edinburgh and Glasgow farmers markets. From there we have access to some of the most outstanding fresh meat, top quality fish, dairy produce and grocery products, which all make it back to our shop.

Archie the fisherman and his wife Jane from the Mull of Kintyre are also responsible for supplying our farm shop with everything fishy, from right royal pate to scallops and smoked mussels.

Our flower shed is bursting with colour from bedding plants to shrubs. We carefully select plants that we believe will brighten up any garden.

We’re by no means fancy and we may look like a wooden shack on the side of the road, but we believe that our farm shop is a rare and informal experience that brings you world class produce from all around Scotland. Come in and have a peak through the big strawberry painted doors you may be surprised by what you find. And you might even leave with a big smile on your face and a bag full of goodies!